ACC is a multi-cultural community

of people, who are seeking to better understand and to live out the commands to:

Love God and Love Others

and beyond that…

How do we actually:

love God with everything?

love others as we love ourselves?

These are the questions that we as a community are journeying together to understand and answer, by seeking the One who first gave them. One of the very unique things about a community of faith in a place like Ao Nang, is that it is made up of people of different ages, ethnicities and backgrounds. Sometimes our community is a handful of locals, and sometimes its a large group with visitors from around the globe, but ultimately we have become family


There are many great causes that we can focus on, however we believe that God gives every church a unique area of focus – The things that any given community have been prepared to accomplish. For us at ACC, these are our Core Values:

Core Values

Creative, Open Celebrations

Developing Deep Relationships

Serving One Another

Gathering and Ministering to the Body of Christ

Identifying, Equipping and Sending Out Leaders

We invite you, wherever you are in your faith journey…

Join us as we pursue to Love God and Love Others.




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