Join us every Sunday as we celebrate Christ together!

You’ll be introduced to Thai culture and have an opportunity to meet believers from nations other than your own. This is an exciting opportunity to see how the body functions in its various forms around the world.

Our worship services are in both Thai and English. Fellowship starts at 16.00 (4pm). Either email us or call for information about our service and location.


Zina sharing at ACC

Not the church of your youth

ACC is not about steeples, fancy outfits, or music that puts you to sleep. This is not your parents church that you grew up not wanting to be at… What we are about is: living a real life, being honest with who we are, learning who God is, learning to experience His love and share it with others, and living a life of passionate worship however God has wired you to worship Him.

The two rules of ACC

(We are such a “serious” church that we have to have “rules”… but really these are things that we live by as a community.)
Rule #1: We are a Happy Church
That doesn’t mean that we are never down, or things are always great, but that we come together as a community because we want to be there, not because we feel we are obligated to be there. (In other words, you don’t get credit just for showing up)
Rule #2: We are a Grace Filled Church
People are going to come and join us from all walks of life- people that will look different, dress different, believe different and have a different background than us, but all are welcome to come and check out God at ACC. Wherever you are in your journey with God, ACC will be a safe community to learn about Him.

What to expect

We typically meet for about an hour and a half in a laid back environment; We connect with one another, sing out some rockin’ songs to Jesus, have a time of prayer and inspired teaching from the Word of God and afterwards we get into groups of three and pray for one another. It is an open and inviting community of people that have something in common, we are all at some place on our journey in loving God and loving others.

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